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We might be a younger dumpster rental and junk removal company, but that doesn't mean we aren't committed to providing you with the best dumpster rental experience possible! 

Founded in 2021, we are no strangers to servicing the York County area. We dedicate ourselves to helping others

and standing among the rest! He’s completely invested in making his company the best it can be and encouraging those who work for him to do the same.


He’s had over 10 years of experience in the service and landscape industry, allowing him to successfully gain the knowledge and skills required for running a company smoothly and practice handling an array of customers. He’s also taken the time to observe others in his business line, learn from them, and shape his company how he would like. By doing so, Kristofer determined that he wanted to be the best on the market in customer service, cleanliness, honesty, and integrity. He understands that a ‘business’ can come attached with the negative connotation of trying to make money with little accommodation for the customers – and is working hard to change that image.

Both residential and commercial properties alike could greatly benefit from his work and the attitude he does it with. If his customers are happy and satisfied, he will be happy and satisfied as well!


About EGR Dumpster Rentals

Tell Us More About The Owner

Kristofer Richtberg, Owner

Experience through time and hard work is the way any good business can get its foot in the door and eventually climb to the next level. Kristofer is always looking to find ways to get there, to help the company reach its fullest potential and gain more positive personal experience in the process.

The type of work this gentleman does isn’t the most glamorous or often the most sought-after job, but it’s one he knows he can do well – and is more than willing to do! His work ethic is what inspires the progress he’s made, all while holding to his core values of honesty and integrity – through and through. In addition, he’s found through his efforts that cleanliness in this business will boost him up and improve the already excellent business he currently runs!

Kristofer isn’t absorbed in his work, though, as he also has learned to balance that healthy work and home life. When he isn’t on the job helping his customers, he’s at home spending time with his wonderful family. His lovely wife and two beautiful children keep him going and are even part of the inspiration behind his company name! He’s a man who enjoys making others’ lives easier and is dedicated to serving the communities he loves!



Jessica Kannapel

Jessica Kannapell

I called a few companies and Kris was by far the friendliest person I spoke to so choosing them was a no brainer. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent a dumpster based on the customer service and the great prices!

Aynsley-Stotler-Dumpster-Rental-Rock-Hill-SC 1.jpg

Aynsley Stotler

Amazing experience! Chris was great to work with and you can’t beat his pricing!


Alan Romack

Great experience! Dumpster was delivered on time and picked up in a timely manner. Friendly and courteous! Will use again.

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