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Helping you get junk free in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, Lake Wylie, Charlotte, and more!!


Curbside Junk Removal Services

What is Curbside Junk Removal?

We don't need to have a full dumpster rental to help you. Even partial loads are great! 

We can take anything from garbage, to furniture, appliances, contruction and yard debris, and more! 

You call, we haul!

Countless times, we have gotten the call saying "Help! I need junk removal services, I already have all of the junk at the curbside, but my garbage collection company refuses to take it! It isn't enough to fill a full dumpster though!". 

We are here to help! With a quick phone call, we can be on our way to pick up, and dispose of all of your unwanted junk! It's that easy!

Looking For Same Day Junk Removal Services?

We offer quick, affordable junk removal in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, York, Lake Wylie, Charlotte, and more! Most days we are able to do same day pickup!

If you are in need of appliance removal, furniture removal, or construction/yard debris removal, give us a call! 




Jessica Kannapel

Jessica Kannapell

I called a few companies and Kris was by far the friendliest person I spoke to so choosing them was a no brainer. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent a dumpster based on the customer service and the great prices!

Aynsley-Stotler-Dumpster-Rental-Rock-Hill-SC 1.jpg

Aynsley Stotler

Amazing experience! Kris was great to work with and you can’t beat his pricing!


Alan Romack

Great experience! Dumpster was delivered on time and picked up in a timely manner. Friendly and courteous! Will use again.

How Much Does Curbside Junk Removal Cost?

Curbside junk removal can vary in cost. A few determining factors when we give you a quote are things such as: 

  • What type of junk are you throwing away?

  • How much junk do you need us to pick up?

  • How much does the junk weigh?

All of these play a major part in making sure we can quote you. Another thing that determines our quote is what WE are doing. If we are picking up a partially loaded dumpster from Fort Mill, SC and you call needing curbside junk removal off of Celanese road in Rock Hill, SC, we can charge you less. Why is this?

It's simple! We are already out picking up that dumpster in Fort Mill, SC, the landfill is in York, SC, so we have to drive right past you on the way to the landfill! Might as well make a pit-stop!

However, if we are not in your area, we may end up having to charge a bit more to cover expenses. While this may not be ideal if you call us just to pick up a broken microwave, you could always either go through your house to see if you have more junk to throw away, or you could even coordinate with your neighbors and split the bill! Either way, we have tons of creative options to save you money, and get you junk free! 

Aynsley-Stotler-Dumpster-Rental-Rock-Hill-SC 1.jpg


Since our formation in early 2021, we have been committed to providing Rock Hill, York, Clover, Charlotte, and the surrounding areas with the absolute best dumpster rental and junk removal experience! 

From the time you call, to the time we pick up your dumpster after you are done loading it, we are here to help!

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