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We make renting a dumpster easy and simple!

The Best Dumpster Rentals In Rock Hill, York County, and Charlotte!

Breaking The Dumpster Rental Stereotype, One Rental At A Time!

We've all seen it. An eyesore. Some big, greasy, dirty, rusty dumpster marking up your driveway and making the neighbors upset... (Ever wonder why a lot of HOA's prohibit dumpsters?) 

Nobody wants to see or smell that atrocity in their driveway! We set out to change that. Our dumpsters stay clean, as they never go more than 2 rentals without being cleaned. We also have certain restrictions towards things that can go in them, such as oils and paints. 

All of this leaves you with a shiny dumpster sitting in your driveway. A dumpster you can't smell from a mile away, one that won't leave you tracking mud and grease throughout your house.

Pair this with excellent customer service, and quick delivery times, and you have yourself a 5 star dumpster rental service!

Save Time and Money When Renting a Dumpster...

No matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, our dumpster services are capable of handling your project!

We can deliver to driveways, parking lots, construction sites, even backyards!

Our pricing is made simple. First we set a dumpster rental period for you, and decide on a dumpster size. Then we give you a quote! 

We go by a "flat rate dumpster rental" pricing system. The quote we give you will include the rental period, landfill fees (ranging from 1.5 to 4 included tons) dumpster delivery, and pickup! Providing you do not go past the terms that are agreed upon, you shouldn't expect to have any surprise charges!



Jessica Kannapel

Jessica Kannapell

I called a few companies and Kris was by far the friendliest person I spoke to so choosing them was a no brainer. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent a dumpster based on the customer service and the great prices!

Aynsley-Stotler-Dumpster-Rental-Rock-Hill-SC 1.jpg

Aynsley Stotler

Amazing experience! Chris was great to work with and you can’t beat his pricing!


Alan Romack

Great experience! Dumpster was delivered on time and picked up in a timely manner. Friendly and courteous! Will use again.

The Smarter Way To Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster shouldn't be stressful, but unfortunately some companies make it to be.

Not us! We take you step by step though the dumpster rental process, answer any questions you may have, and give advice where necessary! 

After we have figured out which dumpster is best for you, we explain our flat rate rental prices, and get you a quote!

Renting a Dumpster, Made Easy!!

Wondering how to rent a dumpster? It's Easy! Here's How:

1: Contact us to schedule your rental!

3. Throw away your junk!

Now comes the fun part (or so we have been told...). Toss your junk into the dumpster! If you have any questions about what can or can't be disposed of into our dumpsters, you can find more information here!

2: Prepare for the dumpster delivery!

We get it! You have a busy life! While we dont NEED you there when we drop your dumpster off, we do need you to prepare an area for the dumpster, and let us know where you want us to deliver it!

4. Prepare for us to pick up!

When you are done loading, simply close the doors to the dumpster! We come pick up all of your junk and dispose of it for you! It's that easy!!!

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