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What is a dumpster?

A Dumpsters Uses:

A dumpster, essentially, is a large mobile trash can that is beneficial towards helping a homeowner, contractor, or business owner clean up their home or business to improve hygiene and curb appeal.

What size dumpsters are there?

There is a large variety of dumpster sizes available. The most common sized dumpsters for rent range in size from 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 40 cubic yard sizes.

Both 10 and 12 cubic yard dumpsters are commonly used when there are projects such as concrete removal, or dirt removal. Due to their smaller size, it makes them harder to load too heavily, and decreases risk of damaging the truck.

A 15 cubic yard dumpster is great for smaller projects, such as a bathroom remodel, room or small garage cleanout, to small yard cleanup projects. Their more compact size makes them the perfect fit for renting a dumpster in small, congested neighborhoods!

A 20 cubic yard dumpster is good for slightly larger remodel projects, a 2 car garage cleanout, deck remodeling, and larger yard cleanups!

30 and 40 yard dumpsters are usually used in new construction development builds, home demolition, and long term dumpster rentals!

There are also 4 - 6 yard dumpster rentals, but these are typically used for restaurants or small businesses that only throw away bags of trash.

What types of dumpsters are there?

There are a couple types of dumpsters available. Some are the type of dumpster that gets picked up by a garbage truck that has forks, and tipped over to be emptied into the garbage truck.

Then there are roll-off dumpsters. These are transported either via a truck, or trailer that has a hydraulic lift to tilt the dumpster up, and either a winch cable or a hydraulic hook to raise and lower the dumpster.

Lastly, are dump trailer style dumpsters. These are very versatile dumpsters. Due to being on large rubber wheels, they handle being off road better, and also are driveway friendly, as they won't leave marks in the concrete like a traditional roll off dumpster would need. Another perk to them is, being that these style dumpsters do not have to be tilted up to be dropped off, they can be delivered at weird angles on uneven ground!

Are You Ready To Rent A Dumpster?

If you are, contact EGR Dumpsters today! We provide dumpster rental services for all commercial properties in and around York County, SC!

When the junk has to go, we’re the ones you know!

We are more than happy to answer all your questions and work with you to give you the best dumpster for your commercial property! We do dumpster rental for residential properties too!

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You have explained well about the dumpster rental services but if you explain more junk car services then it will be easy for me to sell junk car online easily.

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Hey there! We do not specialize in junk cars, hence the lack of a blog about them. I'm sorry!

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